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The primary aim of Exercise is Medicine is to educate healthcare providers about the role of physical activity in the prevention, treatment and management of chronic disease, and advocate for multidisciplinary care. These activities will support participants in their assessment, treatment, management and referral of patients with and at risk of chronic disease

There are three educational opportunities available.

Hospital Education Program

Cost: Complimentary
Format: 30-minute Presentation
Target Audience: Medical Interns in Hospitals

Objectives: Delivered by Accredited Exercise Physiologists or Physiotherapists, the purpose of this education is to address gaps in medical education by informing medical interns about the benefits of physical activity and how to prescribe exercise to patients for the prevention, treatment and management of chronic disease. The educational activity is designed to empower interns to effectively counsel patients about physical activity leading to sustained behaviour change. This presentation is designed to address reported barriers to counselling patients on physical activity and referring to appropriately trained exercise professionals.

Primary Care Face-to-Face Workshops

Cost: Complimentary
Format: Face-to-Face 2 Hour Workshop, eligible to be delivered via videoconferencing software.
Target Audience: GPs, Primary Care Nurses and Allied Health Professionals.

Learning Objectives:
• Describe how exercise can be used to prevent and manage patient chronic conditions
• Recognise the importance of graded exercise therapy in relation to patient safety
• Recall key aspects of the Australian Physical Activity Guidelines
• Describe behaviour change strategies specific to the adoption of physical activity
• Outline existing physical activity assessment tools in medical software including Medical Director and Best Practice.

Free CPD Points:
• RACGP: This education is a CPD Activity under the RACGP CPD Program and is eligible for 4 Points
• APNA: This activity has been endorsed by APNA according to approved quality standards criteria and is eligible for 2 CPD hours.
• ACRRM: This activity is accredited by ACRRM and is eligible for 2 Core Points.

Online eLearning Education - Enhancing Patient Outcomes through Lifestyle Interventions

Cost: Complimentary
Format: Online
Target Audience: GPs, Primary Care Nurses and Allied Health Professionals.

Objectives: EIM offers an online course designed to highlight the importance of exercise for overall health and introduces subsequent behaviour-change strategies specific to the adoption of exercise as a regular part of patients lifestyle. It also highlights the role of multidisciplinary care and Accredited Exercise Physiologists in assisting patients to establish an exercise program best suited to their needs. This course takes approximately 2 hours to complete and is also eligible for the above CPD Points.

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EIM would like to thank the long list of presenters and partners who have helped to make our program a success to date, and we welcome all new partnerships.

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