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Active Workplaces

Active employees are productive employees

The tools and resources available in this section of our website are designed to encourage physical activity in the workplace.

Have you factored health into your company budget? They do say, health is your greatest wealth. Read the media release: ‘Factor employee health into your budget’.

The workplace has been recognised as a priority setting for health promotion by the World Health Organisation and Australian Governments[1][2].

Efforts to increase physical activity the workplace have been associated with:

  • Improved employee engagement and morale
  • Increased concentration and productivity
  • Improved team relationships
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Reduced sickness-related absenteeism
  • Improved corporate image[3]

EIM Australia is encouraging all employers to promote and support physical activity in the workplace and reduce sitting time.

The NEW EIM Australia ‘Be Active at Work’ employee program is the perfect tool for employers to learn about the physical health of their employees, implement programs to improve this level and measure outcomes.


Create a healthier workforce – improve workplace productivity.

Studies show that low Cardio Fitness contributes to more deaths than obesity, smoking and diabetes combined. (Blair, S. 2010)

Research shows that engaging workplace health programs result in, on average:

  • Reduction in sick leave by 25%;
  • Decrease in workers compensation costs by 40%;
  • Decrease in disability management costs by 24%

In summary this means for every $1 invested in employee health your company saves on average $5.81. (Health and Productivity Institute of Australia, 2010)


Be active at Work is for everyone…. all industries, all sizes. The program is very time and user friendly, providing maximum feedback for both the employee and the employer.

(NB. EIM Australia recommends a minimum of 25 participants to obtain useful data).

Step One – employee survey with individual feedback

EIM Australia provides access to the ‘Be Active at Work’ employee survey website interface for your organisation. The online, multi-choice survey contains 17 questions focusing on physical activity and should take less than 10 minutes.

  • Current physical activity levels
  • Time spent sitting
  • Physical activity interests
  • Work related travel
  • Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Once complete, the survey provides instant, personalised feedback to direct to the employee. A comprehensive four page report includes individual assessment of current activity, assessment of sedentary time based on current Australian guidelines. The employee receives instant feedback with recommendations for their physical activity habits.

Step Two – data collection and company evaluation

Once all employees have completed the survey, results are de-identified and generated into a valuable evaluation report for company. Data is presented with easy to interpret graphs and tables for your organisation to analyse and determine if/ and what type of workplace health programs or support should be implemented.

Step Three – establishing a suitable workplace health program based on your company evaluation

Be Active at Work comes with a comprehensive Guide in both hardcopy and PDF format – Physical Activity in the Workplace: A Guide.  

This is where you will find: tips on promoting the Be Active at Work employee survey to your team; recommendations on how to reduce sitting time at work; information and tools to identify how you as an employer can support activity levels in employees; various interventions for different levels of physical activity within the organisation; tips on promoting active modes of transport for employees, getting your workplace involved in community physical activity events using the EIM PACE calender.

The Guide also includes an organisation policy and support audit tool to ensure the company is ready to implement physical activity programs in the workplace.

Download the guide for free here or purchase a hard copy from the ESSA Shop

Step Four – re-evaluate

You can measure the effectiveness of workplace program/s and support by conducting the employee survey again after the suggested time frame and comparing the company evaluation.  In doing so – each employee also will receive their personal and private feedback so they can measure their own success.

Inclusions & Support

Each organisation purchasing the survey will receive the following

Administration rights to the EIM Be Active at Work employee survey, allowing generation of reports and data export

  • EIM Physical Activity in the Workplace: A Guide – hard copy and pdf format
  • Set of six EIM posters to promote physical activity in the workplace
  • PowerPoint presentation for optional staff information session
  • *Your company logo on the EIM Australia website under Active Workplaces
  • Survey instructions
  • Survey support for the duration of the campaign

*Size and placement dependant on category and at the discretion of Exercise is Medicine® Australia.

[1]  World Health Organisation (2001). Workers’ Health Global Plan of Action, Sixtieth World Health Assembly (accessed 11 October 2011).

[2] National Preventative Health Taskforce (2008). Australia – The Healthiest Country by 2020. (accessed 11 October 2011).

[3] The Health and Productivity Institute of Australia (2010). Best-Practice Guidelines Workplace Health in Australia, p 6.




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